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Lifestyle Diseases

Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetes, BP, Obesity and lifestyle diseases
Only minor changes in the lifestyle are needed to lead a better life when suffering from diabetes, cholesterol and BP. Along with the cleansing therapy we also give tips on healthy cooking and weight reduction exercises. Udvarthana is an important treatment which helps in tackling obesity, cholesterol and other lifestyle related disorders.

Diabetes Mellitus - the disease, which causes suffering to millions of people, is brought under control in the diabetes clinics of Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna diabetes clinics are successfully functioning in selected areas for the past 5 years under the supervision of an efficient team of doctors. The Research and Development Division of Nagarjuna proposes the anti diabetic formulations used in these clinics and the efficacy of the same is time tested. The classical Ayurvedic treatments with the anti diabetic medicines assure good results in the control of Diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus - An Ayurvedic View
In the present scenario diabetes mellitus (DM) has become a major health concern among the medical fraternity. It is mainly seemed to be affecting the middle aged group irrespective of sex. The prevalence of DM is ever on the rise. Irregular food habits, lack of exercise and stress are the important causative factors that make an individual more prone to develop DM at an early age. India has been projected by the WHO as the country with the fastest growing population of DM.

Almost all classical texts available on Ayurveda refer it to a disease by the name Prameha that appears to have very strong correlation and similarity to DM. The term prameha itself denotes one major clinical symptom, i.e., considerable increase in urine output. It is considered as one among the eight maharogas. (Maharogas are diseases affecting the deeper dhatus with a number of complications.) As mentioned earlier the main etiological factors are improper diet and exercise correction of which can ever help to control/ prevent the illness.