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Arthritis is ailment concerning joints of body, bones and muscles where it causes inflammation in these parts and make patients suffer from :

  • Fatigue syndrome
  • Severe aches
  • Lack of body movement

With the increasing hold of the disease, patient is decreased to a imbecile state and extreme suffering where they are restricted in making usual body movements as thus movement results in experiencing high level of pain and physical discomfort. With more than 100 different types of arthritis, with each one having different syndromes, there are many treatments that are advised for decreasing the pain levels and increasing the body movements. And one among these is through Ayurveda.

The name is taken from Sanskrit word Ayus meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. Being part of ancient medicine science, it has a rich past spanning around 5,000 years and has slowly gained its place of prominence and has become popular globally. With holistic Ayurvedic approach allowing people to live longer and healthier life, the principle on which Ayurveda works is preventing and treating illnesses by maintaining balance between body, mind and consciousness through means of –

  • Proper diet
  • Proper lifestyle
  • Herbal remedies

With Ayurveda based on basic principles related to organic system and its superior healing power in relation to wholeness of particular body of diseased patients, the benefits derived are time tested and experienced for generations. The Ayurvedic treatment practices are based on use of herbs. Some of these which are beneficial to treat arthritis and are used as medicines include :

Alfalfa Angelica Bladder wrack
Celery Horsetail Ginger
Epsom salt Sesame seed Wild yam

Apart from these there are other herbs we use that are rich in minerals and are used for nourishing the body joints and cartilages. With different combinations of Ayurvedic formulations prepared by us using these herbs, many varieties of arthritis can be effectively treated with disease and its pain checked to great extent. Here, we offer treatments specially designed as per the needs of particular patients comprising treatment steps like :

Ayurvedic Massage Herbal steam
Patrapinda sveda Horsetail
Epsom salt Sesame seed

As per Ayurveda, Joint pains or Arthritis is caused because of suppression of agni that results in poor digestion, thus leading to accumulation of undigested wastes in body that encourages buildup of waste matter (ama). The disease is classified under three heads

  • Vata – This type of arthritis results in dryness of joints.
  • Pitta – This type of arthritis results in swollen joints where pain increase with movement of limbs
  • Kapha - This type of arthritis can be seen in body in form of stiff swollen joints. With cold feeling in joints, a bit of limb movement causes relief from pain. Some Ayurvedic processes taken by us that help in treatment include :
    • Detoxification processes that include enemas and panchakarma that remove accumulated toxic wastes and provides relief from pain
    • Ayurvedic Massage Oils (the effect of oils depends primarily on body type) where these help in removing joint stiffness and improving limb mobility